Sound FX Patch

I used to play AngbandTK, and it was my favorite way to play Angband. It was a fabulous multimedia variant with great graphics support and could play hundreds of sound effects for different events in the game. Sadly, the maintainer of AngbandTK, Tim Baker, mysteriously disappeared from the Net some years ago.

After a while playing regular Angband in silence, I decided that it deserved to have better sound support. I coded up some changes for myself, and now present to all the fruits of my labor.


Version: v1.1, 28-Feb-2005

Target: Angband 3.0.5

Link: (23k)

Purpose: This patch expands Angband's ability to generate sound effects, from 24 to about 150. Sound effects include status changes, identification of excellent and artifact items, breath weapons, monster attacks, and much more.

Notes: Works for Windows platform, but should in theory work on any platform that currently supports sound.

LINUX users should look at Brendon Oliver's SDL Patch, which adds SDL sound support to this patch. He also has SDL patches for non-patched Angband.

Tested against a clean install of Angband plus the extra Windows files in

If you'd like a sample sound bank for use with this patch, download the quick install bundle and copy the contents (including sound.cfg) of the lib/xtra/sound directory.

New this version:

===== v1.1, 28-Feb-2005 =====

  • + Ambient dungeon sound now plays anytime you enter a new dungeon, whether by starting the game, taking the stairs, teleport level, word of recall, or any other method. [Moved ambient sound to beginning of dungeon processing in dungeon.c.]
  • + Play sound when a stat is drained. [do_dec_stat() in spells2.c]
  • + Play sound when a visible monster multiplies. [process_monster() in melee2.c]
  • * Fixed bug where breath weapons were playing the wrong sounds. [breathe_elements was in the wrong place, moving all sounds down by 1.]

Quick Install

If you use Windows and you just want to play this version of Angband, you can download the whole shebang, which includes the game and a sample sound bank all set up. Just download, unzip, and play! (9MB)

Some of the sound effects included in the Windows bundle might contain copyrighted material and may not be used commercially in any way. The sound effects are for your personal use only.